Business Owners

Small Business Pension Planning

We offer small business pension plans for employers with two to a thousand employees and also have plans that allow the employer to have high contributions and non inclusive 401K pension plan options. These plans offer tax benefits for the employer and allows the employer flexibility to choose employees that are covered under these plans. It also allows the employer to keep valuable employees by offering these benefits. Call us today and we can have one of our pension planning professionals speak with you and give you professional advice and design a plan that meets your company's needs.

Small Business Services

We can help create great financial programs for small businesses, including group plans, key person plans, and 401k plans. See the full list below:

  • 401k for small businesses


  • Tax benefits

  • Group plans (two or more employees)

  • Sole proprietor plans available¬†

  • Business retirement planning

  • Pension plans

  • Key person plans

  • Executive bonuses¬†

  • Business transition planning