College Planning

Save Today for Your Child's Tomorrow

Everything begins with a good education. It is the most important legacy we can provide our children. Prime Financial Inc. in Alpharetta, Georgia, offers student aid and college savings plan advising by professional, financial planners. We provide you with sound financial advice regarding the different types of education plans, as well as a clear list regarding timeline, benefits, and savings plan premiums to help you get started in turning your child's dream into reality.

Choosing Investments That Grow as Fast as They Do

At Prime Financial Inc., our team of experts understands that the quality of education a child receives can shape their character and life. For this reason, we offer financial planning services to assist parents in choosing and structuring stable and secure education plans for their children. Focusing mainly on college education, we walk you through the various policies available to you, listing benefits and terms for your convenience.

Direct Access to Scholarship Programs

In addition to college savings plans, we can help your child gain entrance to various scholarship programs at different schools across the country. When it comes to quality service and the utmost reliability in terms of education plans, our reputation has allowed us to form lasting relationships with top schools and universities.