Accident Insurance

Accidental Insurance

Protect yourself from life’s what-ifs with accident coverage that helps you and your family bounce back – physically and financially.

Our Accidental Insurance helps pay for deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket expenses if you or a family member is injured in a covered accident.

› Coverage is available to you and your family and the premium is not dependent upon age or occupation
› Benefits are paid directly to you or a person you choose and can be used however you like
› Worldwide coverage for accidental injuries
› Policy isn’t affected by any other insurance you may have
› Guaranteed renewable for life, so only you can cancel2
› No medical underwriting, so you do not need to provide your medical history to qualify for coverage
› There are no network requirements so you can use the doctors and facilities of your choice

With three policy options – Core, Preferred and Premier – you choose the one that best meets your needs. Plus, you can customize your coverage with these optional riders:

› Accident Disability Rider: Receive $500 per month for up to six months with no preexisting condition clause and one premium rate for all working applicants
› Parent Coverage:
Add the policyholder’s and/or the spouse’s parents on the same application with coverage equal to the base level
› Health Screening Benefit:
Provides up to $50 per year to help pay for up to 26 health screenings including mammography exams, chest x-rays and cholesterol tests

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Our Accident coverage scenario:
Charlie was in a car accident that resulted in serious injuries.

Charlie was transported by ambulance to the ER.

Emergency Room Care
Charlie received emergency care to treat a facial laceration.

The ER doctor ordered an x-ray and discovered
Charlie had a fractured tibia.

Hospital Treatment
Charlie was admitted to the hospital for two days for leg surgery.

Follow-up Care
Over the next few weeks, Charlie had follow-up care at home and with his primary care doctor.

Our Accident Preferred Policy
Charlie received $4,840 to help pay the costs
not covered by traditional insurance, including
his deductible and co-pay as well as a lawn
service and someone to walk his dog.

Ambulance Transport $


Emergency Room Care


6”+ stitches to treat facial injury




Hospital Admission


Surgery for fractured leg


2-day inpatient hospital stay


Follow-up Care


6-day At-home Follow-up Care




Presented for illustration only.

Benefits schedule exhibit
Accidental Death and Accidental DismembermentBenefit amount
Accidental Death - Common Carrier (Policyowner & Spouse / Child(ren))$75,000 / $15,000$100,000 / $20,000$150,000 / $25,000
Accidental Death - Other Accidents (Policyowner & Spouse / Child(ren))$25,000 / $10,000$25,000 / $10,000$25,000 / $10,000
Accidental Dismemberment - Loss of both Arms or Loss of both Legs$20,000$25,000$40,000
Accidental Dismemberment - Loss of Sight of both Eyes, Loss of both Hands or
Loss of both Feet
Accidental Dismemberment - Loss of Sight of Eye, Loss of Hand, Loss of Foot,
Loss of Arm or Loss of Leg
Accidental Dismemberment - Loss of Finger(s) and/or Loss of Toe(s)$1,000$1,500$2,000

Know what to expect if the unexpected happens. 

We offers a suite of supplemental benefits that can help.

Unexpected health issues can happen – any time, anywhere and to anyone. Motor vehicle accidents. Falls. Injuries at home or on the go. Cardiovascular events. Critical illness diagnoses. Even pricey dental surgeries.

In the U.S. annually:  


cause ~224,935 deaths.

Heart disease and stroke

cause ~858,457 deaths.


causes ~605,213 deaths.

Unexpected costs can happen too. Even with a primary health plan or Medicare coverage, out-of-pocket medical costs can add up quickly. And, with rising health care costs, many people are left wondering: how can I afford this? 

56% of those with
medical debt

have insurance.

1 in 5 Americans

have medical bills in collections.

60% of all


are related to medical expenses.

Health care debt happens to people of all ages. Young adults, people just starting families, adults in the prime of their life and retirees on fixed incomes make up the 41% of Americans in health care debt. Here’s how it breaks down:


are aged 18–29.


are aged 30–49.


are aged 50–64


are aged 65+

Out-of-pocket costs can be direct and indirect. While most people understand that a primary health plan covers a lot of care, few are prepared for the direct medical costs that they are responsible for, much less the indirect costs that result from unexpected injuries or illnesses. These may include:

Direct costs
ɨ Deductibles and coinsurance
ɨ Prescription drugs
ɨ Extended hospital stays
ɨ Experimental therapy
ɨ Rehabilitation

Indirect costs
ɨ Lost income
ɨ Travel and lodging for specialty care
ɨ Mortgage or rent
ɨ Utilities and groceries
ɨ Child, family and pet care

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